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Should I Write Original Music or Music That Sells?

In Mind Creation by William Tait0 Comments

Have you ever noticed that the music you love to write, always ends up being the music people hate? Yet, your worst written songs, the songs you said “I can’t believe I wrote this POS” are somehow, magically, the ones everyone loves? What’s up with that? When I was in Nashville, I always heard this phrase: “G/C/D – that’s all ya need.” …

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How To Change Your Life In 5 Minutes

In Lifestyle Design by William Tait2 Comments

I know what you’re thinking. “What a completely B.S. title. There is NO WAY you can change your life in 5 minutes.” Let me guess, I need to… 1. Meditate, right? I need to find my inner self?  2. Eat healthier and exercise more? 3. Just love more people?  4. Just “work harder”? 5. Just need to “figure things out”? And I’m …

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How To Find People That Will Listen To Your Music

In Business Mastery by William Tait5 Comments

Do you ever get this strange feeling that someone is watching you? Maybe I’m crazy (don’t answer that), but I do. I hope they don’t watch me too closely because that’ll get weird very fast. I’ll have to scare them away by walking out to the van in suspenders and a buckwheat hat –  “HEY YALL HOW YALL DOIN” *van …